A Leg In A Car

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Walking through a shopping centre carpark one afternoon and I saw this leg sticking out from the side of the car. It struck me that there was a really cool guy just chilling inside the car and I snapped of this photo. Just as I did so the occupant turned around and saw me. I explained what I was doing and he happily possed for a couple more so that I could get the right feel.

Beau is the owner of the leg in the car and with his partner Kirra they allowed me to take a nice photo posing beside the car. they have inspired me to revive my 100 Strangers Project again

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Brumbies Of The High Country

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With a backdrop of Blue mountain ranges and tall waving grass to hide him, this brumby is a picture of what might have been at the turn of the twentieth century when farming these harsh high lands was the work of very tough men

Of all of the places that I have been in Australia, my favourite place would have to be in the high country of the Monaro and the Snowy Mountains. ¬†At…

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