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Checking out the evening pick at Durras Beach on the South Coast of NSW. I came across this old guy, not really afraid of humans, but wary incase I made a sudden unecxpected move

Wildlife has always been a favourite subject for me to photograph and there is an occasional animal who just likes to pose. Kangaroos are one of those animal species who, having little fear of man and an active curiosity, will often provide the photographer with some great opportunities.

This guy was grazing the side of the road in the early evening when he saw me approach. Showing no fear, he stood just watching as I walked towards him. After providing me a few good shots, he turned and hopped quietly down a side track to meet up with a few mates and continue his evening meal.

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  1. Lee Patrick

    Beautiful pic Keith. I have posted it on our site at The Noongar Centre. I love it.
    Its getting many views 🙂

    1. Keith

      Thanks Lee, I did like how it turned out too

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