An early morning walk along the waterfront at Alexandria Headland on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, gave me the opportunity to take some photos of folk doing what they do best by the beach.

A kayak and a paddle board went for a morning swim
A kayak and a paddle board went for a morning swim

These early paddlers show the diversity of things to do while holidaying this area.  A kayak and a paddle board go head to head along the surf line as the sun climbs into the sky on it’s never ending journey

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  1. Linda

    Nice. There are two adds on this post both for camera straps. Does that mean you are earning some cash?

    1. Keith Watts

      Hi Linda and thanks. The ads are for Peak Design Camera gear and the straps are jus a part of what is available through them. They have a complete camera carry system where each part works either stand alone or as a part of the total integration. I use almost all of the range and find it really comfortable, particularly the neck strap. I used this to do some videos at work yesterday and was able to get steady views without the need for a tripod.

      I advertise their gear as an affiliate of their company and so to answer your question after taking the opportunity to do a sneaky advert, as long as someone clicks through and buys, then yes I get paid

  2. Genevieve

    Beautiful pics.

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