Cairns…. A Working Visit

Saturday morning in Cairns and I am sitting in a café right on the esplanade drinking my second Cappuccino of the day. The weather is warm however, a gentle breeze is keeping the sultriness of humidity at bay. The coffee and Small Breakfast are delicious at Muddy’s Cafe and I highly recommend it as an eatery in your next stay in Cairns  

This is a relaxing day after a week doing that other job, which keeps me from my wanna be work and lifestyle.  It was pleasant not to wake to an alarm, although I did miss the breakfast cutoff at the Ridges Hotel where my company has put me up.  One should never complain but someone has to do the hard yards.  This is not my first visit to Cairns for work and, I hope, not the last. I have still to find time to visit the reef which Cairns is one of the jump off places.  Ah….. maybe next weekend..


Around me there are a mix of folk from families, with their boisterous children, to a couple clearly on honeymoon, oblivious to the world around them.  The usual gatherings for silver gulls and pigeons, waiting ever patiently for a scrap of food compliment the scene. The gulls skulk on the outskirts of the crowd as if they know the distain common folk hold for them.


The pigeons on the other hand are oblivious and happily wander through the crowds seeking out crumbs or even landing on the tables and chairs to get a first pick should an unwary diner look away from the plate.



Today, with the temperature in the 30’s, shorts and light clothing are the norm although there are still a few who are in jeans or tights. I am one of the jeans brigade as I discovered a shop at the night markets selling jeans made of Bamboo cloth.  The sales pitch is that the cloth is cool and wicks moisture away from the skin.  Today is the test of such claims and so far they appear to be right on the mark.  Although it is warm, I am not feeling as hot as I am sure I would have been in cotton. 

Enjoying a cappuccino and needed a photo to capture the moment. At the table next to sat an old guy, well, a day or two older than me, who said he would do his best. Thank you, Italo, for your valiant effort. Hard to do with such a rough subject but I think you nailed it


I found these at the Cairns Bamboo Boutique at the Night markets, where the staff were super friendly and helpful.  They also share a stand selling oilskin bags and products along with hats and belts made from Australian products.

I don’t claim credit for this photo but thank you to the person that put it on the internet

The beauty of Bamboo in the current world is that it grows quickly and without a high water demand. For those of who are eco-conscious, this is a product worth supporting.  On the face of it you would not see anything different to cotton, however, time will tell as to longevity.  As always though, I am prepared to give it a try.  My thoughts so far on this , now very warm day are well on the positive.

What are your thoughts on this emerging product? Is it something you would use or are you a diehard cotton fan?


PeakDesign Has Done It Again

Had an email from the guys at PeakDesign the other day with news that they are breaking new ground with their tough camera gear. This time it is a Tripod.

It’s A Tripod

PeakDesign have just launched their latest KickStarter project. A brand new kind of Travel Tripod you can take anywhere with confidence.


You might well ask why the world needs another tripod but when you take a look at what they have done over at PeakDesign, you will see that this is just pure logic. Designed to take up much less space in your pack and not add pounds to weigh you down, this PeakDesign Travel Tripod is a game changer

Strength and Versatility

Years in the making, the design team wanted to come up with a revolutionary design. Lighter, smaller but strong enough to do the heavy lifting. With a new Ball Head that is intuitive to use, the PeakDesign Travel Tripod is fast to set up and versatile in its use

Just Got A Mobile Phone?

Not only for the big gear, there is a nifty attachment to support your mobile phone as well. When not in use it tucks away out of sight to make room for the DSLR. Get yours here.

I could keep raving on about this nifty bit of gear but I don’t do it justice. Click on the link and head on over to the Kickstarter page where they will show you all of the bells and whistles

Yep, I do get paid

Just in the interests of full disclosure, I do get a small commission from any purchase you make through the link. This helps me to continue my Photographic Journey and I do appreciate your support. Check out the other great gear from PeakDesign while you are there

100 Strangers… Facing the challenge of talking to strangers and doing it anyway

Meeting Strangers can be a way of opening up one’s world.  For those of us who are less outgoing, it can be challenging, but when faced with the need to photograph a stranger, it can be terrifying, even for people who find it easy to mix and mingle.

The challenge to seek permission from a stranger to take a photograph can be daunting and the easy road is to stand back and take the long shot with a telephoto while hiding in the shadows.  There are so many opinions of what is the right thing to do when it comes to pointing a camera at a total stranger that the novice has difficulty in finding the correct path. Sometimes it is necessary to take the quick candid shot, especially when the moment cannot be recreated, while on other ocassions, it may be better to strike a conversation and seek permission to make a photograph and so be able to take a series and have a deeper story to tell. Remember, everyone has a back story and most of them are fascinating.

There is no right answer to this delema, but I suggest that even when taking the candid shot, permission to use it should be sought after the fact. This has two benefits.. It provides an opportunity to get a model release signed so that if you make a masterpiece you will be able to sell it on and you have the opportunity to make a new friend.

All this being so I still have not mastered the courage to comfortably point a camera at someone I don’t know and so as a way to develop my skills at street photography, I have taken up the challenge to make photos and stories of a new 100 strangers on this page…

These are their stories