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Cadel From SA
chance meeting with Caled from Adelaide who has just started a six month contract at Cairns Airport.

Cadel From SA

A chance meeting with a passer-by over the back fence while working only car gave me the opportunity to make a new friend

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A Leg In A Car
Walking through a shopping centre carpark one afternoon and I saw this leg sticking out from the side of the car. It struck me that there was a really cool guy just chilling inside the car and I snapped of this photo. Just as I did so the occupant turned around and saw me. I explained what I was doing and he happily possed for a couple more so that I could get the right feel.

A Leg In A Car

Beau is the owner of the leg in the car and with his partner Kirra they allowed me to take a nice photo posing beside the car. they have inspired me to revive my 100 Strangers Project again

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A beautiful Encounter

2018 has brought a change of pace for me. I am on a secondment to our branch on the Gold Coast where I am assisting getting our drivers ready for the Commonwealth Games.

So far it has been full on but I am hoping that the weekends will allow me some explore time down here. My first introduction to coast life was to be woken by a fire alarm at the resort where I am staying. Apparently, some person with cognitive challenges decided to set fire to a car he had stolen and dumped in the basement car park. Fortunately, aside from the acrid smell, there was little damage.


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