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chance meeting with Caled from Adelaide who has just started a six month contract at Cairns Airport.
A chance meeting with Caled from Adelaide who has just started a six month contract at Cairns Airport had us chatting over the back fence for a pleasant half hour.

Was working on my ute in the yard the other day when a fellow happened to walk by. He was looking at my Adventure Kings rooftop tent, which I had up to air out, and made a comment about having a tent up on the roof. This started a conversation between us about the opportunities that life brings and how each opportunity becomes a life experience.

Cadel told me he was staying in the Cairns area for six months, having landed a job at the Cairns Airport. He had only just arrived from South Australia and was still finding his bearings.

Turns out that he is quite the star, having acted in a movie called My Gallipoli as a Turkish Officer. He said he has only watched it once but I have put it on my watch list to see just what talent he showed.

With a past steeped in the disciplines of martial arts, he told me he has been teaching his young children the basics to help them enjoy the benefits of a sporting life. It was pretty clear though, that Caled has a very healthy respect for the local crocs as he quizzed me on places where it is best not to swim.

I am hoping that we will see more of each other over the next few months as we both spend time in Trinity Beach. So welcome Caled.. I hope you have a great time while you are up here.

At last a fine day with a gentle breeze enabling me to get the tent up for an airing after all the wet weather. Fortunately there is no mould so the cover is doing its job well

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