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Crow's Nest
Crow’s Nest

After several false starts at this Blogging business I have turned to WordPress to support my blog. With it comes a change of Domain and henceforth I can be found at  The change is subtle, but I have to agree with my mentors, cleaner.  I have transferred all of the material I have put out there to this site and so I am now happy that this will take me long into the future.

It all started when a fellow asked me if I had a business card so that he could look up my site when he got home. This set me to thinking that I should get serious with this and produce something that would help get me known out there.

As I began to design what I wanted, I realised that I had no solid contact details that I could take forward.  I had a website which didn’t really allow me much freedom in design and it didn’t seem to want to connect with my WordPress page.  I spent a day trying to sort that out before remembering that the niece of a friend knew a little about  how it all works.  A quick message on messenger and Malliree was on the case.  Although I was only seeking some pointers she spent some serious time trying to sort it all out. When she sleeps, I do not know, as she was sending me questions all through the night.  Thank you Mal for all your efforts, I really do appreciate them.

I follow a great travel blog called “Goats On The Road”, and decided to follow their advice and hook up with the web hosting site, SiteGround. After speaking with their sales team I decided that I would take the plunge and change horses.  I secured the site and so have spent the day sorting out a new and hopefully improved website and page

This means a new email address along with a new URL for the blog.  It can now be found at 


The sun dips low on the horizon near Siem Reap, Cambodia
The sun dips low on the horizon near Siem Reap, Cambodia

Since beginning my photographic journey I have progressed from an early Pentax Film camera to the world of digital. My first digital was a Fuji Finepix s100fs, which was a bridge camera with a large zoom range but a fixed lens. Was a brilliant camera at the time but technology moves on and I have progressed through a Canon 450D to my current Canon 70D model.


I started out taking almost exclusively nature shots, mainly of birdlife but anything I could see that took my fancy. After a time I ventured into other genres as I learned a little about the art. Now-a-days my focus is more on Street shots as I enjoy capturing the things that people do in their everyday lives.

Sadly people often see a camera pointing at them and take it as a slight against their personal space. For me it is always a catch 22 as to whether to take the candid shot or wait to ask permission first. Of course, waiting looses all the spontaneity that a candid shot provides and it is often these shots that are the best. What the answer is, I don’t know but I hope that we don’t all become so precious about privacy that we forget to live.

I hope to bring my world of ideas to light through these pages over the coming months and years, portraying the world as I see it through the stories my lens tells.

Please feel free to comment on anything that takes your interest.

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