Watching the sky


Just a brief post to talk about what I saw in sky this morning.  A friend sent me a link about a celestial event taking place in our skies at the moment.  Well actually there are two events: one, the its Aquariid meteor shower and, two, the Comet Swan.  This is the biggest comet we have had for some time and as it is unlikely to visit again for a few thousand years, I thought I’d get up and have a look.

After a restless night, I dragged myself out and down to the beach.  There are few street lights in the village and so light pollution was never going to be an issue.

I set up the gear and watched and waited.  At around 5:00am I noticed a fast moving light in the sky.  Thinking that its was a satellite I aimed the camera around to pick up a shot.  It was then that I noticed another, and another, and another.  Pretty soon there were around ten or more all following the same trajectory across the heavens.  Too high and fast for a plane, but too low to be on the same altitude as the space station.

To make it even more interesting, these lights seemed to just pop out of the night sky at exactly the same place like emerging from a worm hole in the sky.  WEIRD!!!

Light lines that follow the path of the Space Ex satellites as they raced across the sky

By the time it was all over, there must have been almost fifty of these lights which headed north by north east and disappeared from view  far to the north.

As the sun began to taint the darkness of the sky with a dirty orange haze, the temperature dropped what seemed a dozen degrees.  The dawn arrives very slowly at the lower latitudes and the sky took on a golden hue at a snail pace while the cold began to seep into every joint.  I had decided to take a time lapse of the day’s awakening but as time dragged on I soon came to regret the decision.  My feet were the first to suffer as they quietly stopped letting me know they were still attached.  Next came the shins with feeling that a slight tap  with a hammer would shatter them like glass.  I took to jumping up and down on the sand until I noticed a watcher on the lookout above the beach, no doubt wondering if she should call for the men in white coats.


The answer came later that day after talking with my son.  We ruled out planes and space stations and were reluctant to go down the road of UFO’s but with the lack of other evidence there were few other options.

Then a breakthrough in a post from a news outlet in South Carolina who had also seen a photo in a similar vein.  It turns out that Space Ex have a huge number of satellites racing around the world bringing us all a broadband service.  This morning they just happened across my patch of sky



22 – 4 Life in Isolation

Another week of self-isolation here in what is likely one of the better places to be if one has to self isolate. It does have it’s limitations though, as it is some distance from anywhere and so the local walks tend to follow the same path. There are only so many kangaroos and sunsets that can be photographed.

That said, I am trying to make sure that I can capture something of interest every day which has two distinct benefits.

1. It gets me out of the house and doing some useful exercise.


2. It gives me an excuse to practice using my new XT-3 camera.

With all of its bell and whistles, it is quite a different beast to the Canon range that I am familiar with. I was sorry that I had to leave Canon but their offering just didn’t stack up in the good, but light mirrorless range. The M50 was close but in low light, it showed too much noise to be able to eliminate enough, and it was just a tad too small for my big hands.

These few photos we’re all I managed for this evening. I hope you enjoy them

Til next time…

13/4 Daily Walk

Easter Monday… Just a day like any other in tis world of isolation.  To be honest, I don’t the quiet and the solitude.  I have been in this situation now since the end of January and keeping my own company isn’t all that hard to do.  Perhaps the biggest thing is to keep oneself busy and active.  It is easy to get in the habit of laying in bed until late in the day and then finding that one can’t get to sleep at night.  This becomes a self perpetuating cycle of later nights and later mornings.

Glistening Pond
The begging of this route takes me over a small bridge spanning a dark lake. Tonight, I came across a young lad fishing for poddy mullet. He told me that he had caught one once… Got to admire his optimism.

One of my strict regimes is to go for a walk every day.  I spend around an hour and try to keep a brisk pace though if something catches my eye, I will always stop and try to capture the moment.

TeeTree Island
After walking up through town I headed out on the headland at the south end of Durras Beach. It was a grey kind of day but just before the sun started to set. Just the sort of day to produce some old fashioned Black and White photos

From the northern side of the headland Looking back towards Durras Beach

B&W Rocks
There are some beautiful rock formations along the coast and these at the base of the headland are no exception. It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago the headland in the distance was ablaze with the fires that swept through here

Coloured Rocks
These are the beautiful colours that adorn the rocks along the bay. These have been enhanced by the deepening sunset tat was developing behind me

Self Isolation
A man walks a lonely beach in self Isolation during the great pandemic of 2020. In years to come a photo such as this will record a time in history when the world went mad for a few months as a virus brought us to our knees

It was then that the sun began to dip below the horizon and caste its warm rays up beneath the clouds, painting them with all the warm colours of the spectrum

Gumtree Sunset

Durras Bay

Sunset Beach

B&W SunsetHinterland

Magenta Sky
Even the sand and the sea warmed under the rays of the sun before it dipped away for the night

So that is my offering for the day.  I hope that you get some enjoyment from these photos.  They are, of course, the ones tat I enjoy and as they beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I welcome any critique from (hopefully constructive) that anyone may have and if you enjoy them please feel free to share the page amount your friends.