13/4 Daily Walk

Easter Monday… Just a day like any other in tis world of isolation.  To be honest, I don’t the quiet and the solitude.  I have been in this situation now since the end of January and keeping my own company isn’t all that hard to do.  Perhaps the biggest thing is to keep oneself busy and active.  It is easy to get in the habit of laying in bed until late in the day and then finding that one can’t get to sleep at night.  This becomes a self perpetuating cycle of later nights and later mornings.

Glistening Pond
The begging of this route takes me over a small bridge spanning a dark lake. Tonight, I came across a young lad fishing for poddy mullet. He told me that he had caught one once… Got to admire his optimism.

One of my strict regimes is to go for a walk every day.  I spend around an hour and try to keep a brisk pace though if something catches my eye, I will always stop and try to capture the moment.

TeeTree Island
After walking up through town I headed out on the headland at the south end of Durras Beach. It was a grey kind of day but just before the sun started to set. Just the sort of day to produce some old fashioned Black and White photos
From the northern side of the headland Looking back towards Durras Beach
B&W Rocks
There are some beautiful rock formations along the coast and these at the base of the headland are no exception. It’s hard to believe that just a few months ago the headland in the distance was ablaze with the fires that swept through here
Coloured Rocks
These are the beautiful colours that adorn the rocks along the bay. These have been enhanced by the deepening sunset tat was developing behind me
Self Isolation
A man walks a lonely beach in self Isolation during the great pandemic of 2020. In years to come a photo such as this will record a time in history when the world went mad for a few months as a virus brought us to our knees

It was then that the sun began to dip below the horizon and caste its warm rays up beneath the clouds, painting them with all the warm colours of the spectrum

Gumtree Sunset

Durras Bay

Sunset Beach

B&W SunsetHinterland

Magenta Sky
Even the sand and the sea warmed under the rays of the sun before it dipped away for the night

So that is my offering for the day.  I hope that you get some enjoyment from these photos.  They are, of course, the ones tat I enjoy and as they beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I welcome any critique from (hopefully constructive) that anyone may have and if you enjoy them please feel free to share the page amount your friends.

Social Distancing

The South Coast of NSW is idyllic in that it is not so far from the big centres of Sydney or Canberra yet seems a whole world away from the hustle and bustle of twenty-first-century living. More than that, there is a plethora of tiny bays and hideaways all along the coast between the small town centres that provide the necessities of everyday life. It is in one of these places that I have come to relax and recuperate.

As the sun sets on another South Coast day over Durras Lake, I find myself reflecting on the places life has taken me, it is quite possible that this may be the best of them

In this crazy world we are living in, with pandemic conditions calling everything we have known into question, I have found myself living in this perfect place for self isolation. Someone suggested that this is really an excuse for me to indulge in a reclusive lifestyle and there may well be some truth in what she said.

As I write this, I am lying back in a hammock, over looking the garden, and watching the parade of parrots, pigeons, and other birds that come to feed from the seed feeder hanging from the rafters.

One of the regulars in the garden is the Brown Cuckoo Dove. Doesn’t stay long but will visit the feeder for a quick snack

The news that keeps popping up on the banner headlines is almost exclusively about the Corvid-19 virus and what we may or may not expect over the next few weeks. As the reality of it all begins to sink in, I find myself thankful for this place and it’s quiet solitude.

One thing that is a positive is the time it gives to catch up on all those things that procrastination has allowed me to put off…. writing this instalment for example.. with just the birds for company, I can sit back in the hammock and write away to my heart’s content

I can walk on the beach, bush walk or simply stay at home mowing the lawns or doing some online courses that hopefully may pave a new pathway forward for me. Contrast this with the lives that so many others have to lead, particularly those in the health care field, putting themselves in harms way on a daily basis, and one gets a truly different perspective of what life is about.

If I should find myself in a country wide lock down I can think of few place that would be better to be than where I am right now. Keep safe people and take this thing seriously. It may not be you who feels the effects…. but it may be someone close

Slice Of Heaven

Driving home the other night when I noticed the full moon starting its journey across the night sky. By the time I had reached a spot overlooking the sea it had climbed well into the sky where it cast its moonbeams across a waving sea.

Her love shines over my horizon, she’s a slice of heaven.
Warm moonlight over my horizon, she’s a slice of heaven

Ever since I took this photo I have had an earworm pounding in my head courtesy of Dave Dobbin….