High Country Magic

Hi above Australia is a land that is covered in snow in winter when it attracts the snow-boarders and skiers the world over. Yet, the true beauty of this country is in the summer months when wild horses roam free and rabbits scurry between the scrubby brush. Song birds flit between the bushes, their songs filling the air and the views are there to take ones breath away.

There is history here as well. Bradshaws Hut sits in open field, possibly much as it was on the day that Bradshaw perished from frost bite all those years ago

Another Sunrise

Every morning, across the world, a band of intrepid enthusiasts wake up before the dawn and find a vantage point where they can photograph another sunrise. This is one of those photographs. The beach is just north of Batemans Bay at a small village called South Durras. Just weeks before it was taken, a fire raged across the headland in what has become known as the Black Summer. The placid scene says nothing of the real dramas that had so recently occurred but speaks to the determination of nature to move on.

Nature in the Back Yard

With a nature reserve literally right at the bottom of the garden, I get to see so much wildlife just lazing about in the back yard. Here are a couple of shots of a mother Wallaby and her joey

Mother wallaby is wary of me and my camera and she prepares to take her joey to the safety of the bush. It is half out of the pouch but quickly pulled itself back in as she began to move
After a few quick hops she stopped to check that I wasn’t following before she turned again and disappeared into the reserve