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The early sunset begins to bathe the cloud in colour over Noosa Heads as I climbed back up Mt Tinbeerwah

My Vision

Working is what I must do but experiencing the world through endless travel is what I desire.

To build a travel blog that will tell our story from local travel sites here on the Sunny Coast of Queensland and all those far off places we plan to visit

My Story

Some years ago I was given a Panasonic Bridge Camera for Christmas.  This rekindled an interest I had once developed with a Pentax film camera many years before.  Starting out, I concentrated on things, nature, and in particular bird photography.  From there, I progressed to a wider view of nature, making photos of other animals and eventually landscapes of the great outdoors.

From landscapes, my journey led me to the city where I developed a passion for documenting the life in the city down on the street.  The chance to travel overseas to places like the Philippines and Vietnam kindled the fire for travel while indulging in my new found genre of street.

When setting up my blog, the choice of name was easy.  Street2stream is tells the story of where I am and where I have come from in my photographic journey.  The next step is to put some words around my photos and paint a picture of all the travels I hope to make before my time is up.

Join me, if you will, as I build this blog and as I travel to all those places that we have all dreamed about.  Please make comment on my blogs and tell me what you think.

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Meet the Team

Well…. I am the team…

My name is Keith Watts and although I have spent a good many years in Australia, I am originally from accross the ditch in New Zealand.  My past reads like an encyclopedia of employment opportunities and I can say the the biggest part of my education has been in the University of Life.  Still it has been a good life, all in all, and I guess I can’t complain.

My interests over the years have varied as my circumstances have changed. Photography has been my passion over the last few years and of late I have caught the travel bug.  I have been fortunate to take a step outside the bubble that we live in in Australia and experience some of the culture of our “poorer” neighbours.  I say poorer because, in many ways, the simplicity of the cultures of these countries seems to me to be so much richer than what is on offer back here at home.

Don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with the way western cultures exist, it is just that it all seems a little plastic when compared to the hardships that others live under.  Despite these hardships I have found some good friends who complain, not at all, about their lot in life.  They work hard to eek out a living and enjoy the little spare time that they have.

With this in mind, I hope to learn more of these cultures and tell those stories on these pages


Keith Watts

Founder Street2stream.com





Next Steps…

I invite you to comment on my posts, send me a message, LIKE my page or share my posts.  The success of my blog largely depends on you, my readers and I thank you all for your on going support



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